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    Visitor visa for USA is a temporary visa which allows individuals who are non immigrants or foreign residents to visit USA either for business purposes (B1), as a tourist (B2) or both (B1/B2) allowing them to stay in USA for a limited period of time. If you are intending to visit USA from Dubai or any other city in the UAE you need to ensure that you are apply for the right type of visit visa. There are basically two types of visit visa depending upon the purpose of your visit.

    B1 Visa – Visit USA for Business Purposes

    B1 visa is the type of US visa from Dubai needed by non-immigrants intending to visit USA temporarily for any of the following business purposes:

    • Conference, Meeting, Trade Show or Business Event attendee
    • Exposition or trade show employees of foreign exhibitors at international fairs
    • Lecturer or speaker
    • Researcher
    • Sales/selling
    • Service engineer
    • Training
    • Professional Athlete
    • Business venture, investor seeking investment


    B1 Visa holders are allowed to:

    • Consult with business associates
    • Attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference
    • Settle an estate
    • Negotiate a contract


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    B2 Visa – Visit USA for Holidays or Medical Treatment

    B2 Visa is the type of US Visa that one needs when planning to travel to US for purposes like recreation, tourism, visiting family and friends or medical treatment. In order to qualify for this visa one must meet the requirements set by the US Immigration Law for Visitor Visa as mentioned below:

    • The purpose of the visit should be solely for pleasure, tourism or medical treatment
    • The visa holder shall stay in USA for a specific period of time and would return back to his/ her home country.
    • Evidence of funds to cover expenses in the US
    • Strong ties to the home country


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    How can AINiT help you obtain visit visa for USA?

    AINiT can guide you with choosing the most suitable US visa category for you depending on your purpose of visit. Our experts US visa consultants in Dubai have assisted many individuals to visit USA from Dubai and other cities in UAE. We can help with your documentation and application procedures keeping you at ease throughout the process.

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