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Federal Skilled Worker Program!

December 18, 2017BY Admin

Skilled Worker Program in Canada is set for the people having any specific skill in any specific domain, they are selected as the Permanent Residents for the country on the straight basis of their education, work experience, and knowledge. All these factors help these applicants to apply for the successful Canadian immigrants. AINiT Immigration Services as being the Canada skilled workers visa provides the best services to its clients for the better opportunities and better future aspects.
Federal Skilled Workers are required to fulfill the few requirements for the specific visa lodgments, AINiT Immigration Services is providing the detailed guidance to its clients regarding their specific case.

Following are the essential requirement of Federal Skilled Worker visa:

To pass a mandatory English language requirement, to justify that the candidate is eligible enough to cope up with the language barriers.The most important requirement for applying for the federal skilled worker program is the specific experience of at least one year or maximum 10 years in the relevant field of his career.

The applicant must complete the eligibility selection criteria which is explained below:
Education: The maximum 25 points would be awarded to the applicant for his education still depending on the academic qualification performance.

Language Proficiency: Canada provides 28 points for the language proficiency, the option for language programs are two one is English and the second one is French, approx. 24 points are awarded for the proficiency in English language.

Age: The average of 12 points are awarded to the applicants having the age from 18 to 36 and points will be getting reduced as the age will be getting higher than 36.

Work Experience: The most important factor in the case of Federal Skilled Worker program is the countable work experience. Candidate having the minimum 6 years’ experience in the skilled work field will be eligible enough for migration and will be awarded specific 15 points as well.

Arranged Employment: The candidates being offered a full-time job offer from a Canadian employer can get the opportunity to avail the 10 points, the Canadian employer is also required to have a positive labor market impact so that he may be eligible enough to provide skilled workers jobs.

Adaptability: The points for the adaptability are awarded for your background that Immigration Canada feels will be essential for Canadian Skilled Worker visa category.

AINiT Immigration Services as being the best immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE in all over the major countries of the world, tends to provide the basic and improved services to its clients.