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Reasons to Study in Germany

Being a popular study destination, Germany attracts scores of international students to continue their higher education there. Following are some of the reasons why students choose to study in Germany:

  • Having a strong education system, universities in Germany have great value internationally and are recognized by employers all over the world.
  • No tuition fee charged from international and domestic students enrolled in public universities in Germany as higher education is completely funded by the German government.
  • The courses offered in these universities have global recognition and taught in both German and English language
  • Students coming to study in Germany from non-EU countries are required to apply for a work permit under which they can work part time along with their studies with working hours limited to 190 full days or 240 half days per year.
  • Some of the universities in Germany offer internship programs as a part of their curriculum through which students can gain valuable work experience landing to a decent job in future after completion of their degree.
  • Having an excellent public transport system, Germany offers convenient and affordable travel facility for students with a travel card which can be obtained easily.
  • After graduating, students can legally stay in Germany for about a period of 18 months to seek work.

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Student Visa for Germany

Germany is known for the quality of education provided at its institutes, teaching styles and low cost education all over the world. International students who wish to study in Germany are required to obtain a valid student visa for Germany once then have received an offer of acceptance from recognized German institute/ university. As experienced education consultants, AINiT can help you select the most suitable course and suggest you the best time to apply for admission to help you save your time and efforts. It is essential for the students to apply for student visa at least 3 months prior to the commencement of their semester so that they have ample time at hand for processing of the visa application. The maximum duration of the validity of the German student visa is up to 2 years.

Such visa, also known as National Visa (Category D) is applied for by submitting its visa application at the Consulate General of Germany in Dubai who also issues the visa grant after assessment and confirmation from Foreign Nationals Authority in Germany.

When applying for a German student visa, one needs to make sure that he/ she is applying for the appropriate visa based on the type course he intends to study in Germany.

  • Language Course Visa: Designed for students enrolled in a language institute to learn German Language.
  • Student Visa: for individuals with an offer of acceptance in course at a recognized German institute.

Work Rights for International Students:

Individuals holding a German student visa are allowed to work part time 40 hours per fortnight along with their studies.

Benefits of This Visa:

  • No tuition fee charged from international students at public universities in Germany.
  • Study in Germany at a recognized institute/ university
  • Live in Germany for the duration of the course
  • Work part-time
  • Work for 1 additional year after graduation.
  • Apply for permanent residence after graduation (based on eligibility)

Am I eligible for this visa?

How can AINiT help you obtain Student Visa for Germany?

Our CEO, Mr Aftab Syed is a qualified education agent counselor having memberships with ICEF and PIER through which we have been able to maintain professional partnerships with many German education providers where our students can get admission. Our experienced education consultants have helped many students from Dubai and other cities of UAE to pursue higher education in Germany without tuition fees, with the same expertise we can make your dream come true as well.

Study in Germany