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At AINiT, our marketing team comprises of professional marketers who are committed to carry out customized marketing campaigns for promoting the programs offered to students who want to study abroad at each of partner universities and institutions according to their requirements and expectations. These promotions are carried out in the light of changing trends, course structures and customized according to the expectations and preferences of the markets we are catering to and the institution as well.

As a representative agency, we provide a complete package of marketing and promotional activities using various platforms like digital media, print ads, participation in exhibitions and education fairs etc with the objective of increasing awareness and visibility of institutions and their study programs, hence increasing the number of recruiting potential international students and brining about mutually beneficial results.

Following are some of the marketing activities that we focus on:

Participation in Annual Education Exhibitions:

A large number of potential students who want to study abroad visit educational exhibitions held to gather information about various study programs offered at international universities. We participate in such exhibitions to promote the study programs offered at our partner institutions and provide complete information to students about them so as to make it easier for the prospective students to choose the program that is most suitable for them.

Conducting Study Abroad Education Fairs:

In order to recruit potential students in our partner institutions we conduct education fairs in different schools to increase awareness about courses offered at our partner universities.

Print Advertisements:

Study programs of our partner institutions are marketed in widely circulated newspapers in UAE, KSA and Pakistan with the details of coming intakes and courses belonging to all fields of study. Apart from this, we also circulate brochures and pamphlets in local schools, institutes and other areas where our target audience may be found.

Digital Marketing:

For the purpose of reaching out to potential students who want to study abroad more effectively we have extended our presence on all major social media channels where we promote our services and study programs offered by the institutes we represent. Other digital marketing media that we use are direct email and sms marketing.

Customized Marketing